Nashville Software School Data Analytics Cohort 1

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The students of NSS Data Analytics Cohort 1 would like to thank the following people and organizations..

Our community and industry partners

We are grateful to have met each one of you. Thank you to those who shared data and included us in solving business problems. The experience we gained through problem solving and presenting our findings was invaluable. For those that helped us hone our interviewing skills through mock interviews, you've prepared us well for the job market. We appreciate all of your wisdom and feedback.

Thank you to:

  • Daren Helton
  • David Haines
  • David Simon
  • Ed Hickey
  • Eric Stephens
  • Greg Bauman
  • Harmon Gage
  • Ian Hagerman
  • Jason King
  • Jason Turan
  • Jeremiah Lewis
  • Jimmy Greer
  • John Burke
  • John Irvin
  • Katherine Thomas
  • Kathy Thomas
  • Keith Durbin
  • Kristy McGee
  • Lance Hahn
  • Lindsey Clark
  • Maddie Polk
  • Mark DeYoung
  • Mark Hammock
  • Mary Haynes
  • Megan McMurtry
  • Michael Hardy
  • Mikil Taylor
  • Pete Brumm
  • Peter Bird
  • Ray Pasek
  • Robert Rice
  • Ryan Culligan
  • Sekou Tyler
  • Steve Butler
  • Taylor Desseyn
  • Tim Dobbins
  • Willis Kelley

The faculty and staff of Nashville Software School

From our first day of class, the NSS staff cultivated our potential. Thank you for encouraging us to get involved in Nashville's vibrant tech scene and for helping us put our best selves forward as we navigated the terrain of networking, resumes, and career paths. We are here today because of your belief in us.

Thank you to:

  • Kristin McKinney
  • John Wark
  • Jeremiah Vasquez
  • Mandy Arola
  • Ashley Canino
  • Laura Buchanan

Our instructors

You have been with us on every step of this path. Thank you for working tirelessly to shape us into sharp, inquisitive data analysts. You took an interest in learning each of our stories and learning styles. We couldn't have made it through without your help untangling us in our most baffled moments. When we were lost and overwhelmed, you listened and guided us back. You encouraged us to persevere and to always improve our work. Most of all, you taught us how to learn, a skill we will carry with us beyond the classroom.

Thank you to:

  • Mary van Valkenburg
  • Selam Tekie
  • Taylor Perkins